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To: U.K. government

Help gig economy workers

Extend the 80% of wages/profits support to all workers. Everyone who’s income has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis should be entitled to the same support, regardless of how they normally earn their money.

Why is this important?

Thousands of people are not covered by the support announced by the government. If you are an employee with contracted hours or you work solely as self employed, you are entitled to 80% of your income if you cannot work due the COVID-19 crisis. However many people in the gig economy have a mixed pattern of work - a bit freelance, a bit contract, a bit self-employed, a bit zero hours. Some people have a pension and do a bit of self-employed work to top it up. Students do part time work to make ends meet. Supply teachers, fee paid Tribunal members, NHS agency staff, artists, performers, contractors. These people are all left with no support. Please treat them the same as everyone else and support them with 80% of their income if they can’t work due to COVID-19.



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