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To: Nuneaton Council

Help save Nuneaton Cemetery

Please help save Nuneaton Cemetery and the loved ones that are there.

Why is this important?

As you know Nuneaton Cemetery floods everytime it rains causing graves to flood and collapse. This is having a huge impact on families of loved ones they have lost. My family have just been impacted by this tragedy as my Nan and Grandads grave has now flooded.

We need your help to solve this issue immediately to prevent anymore heartache for families. The council won’t listen to us and it’s causing more issues by the day.

I know of one gentlemen who could not get down to put flowers on his wife’s grave due to the flooding.

All we need is a proper plumbing system installed.

To help the families of loved ones whose graves have been flooded due to the lack of care from the council.
Nuneaton, UK

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