To: Mayor of London

Help to Reduce Horrendous Moped Crimes in London

Help to Reduce Horrendous Moped Crimes in London

This Petition calls on the Mayor of London to seek to implement urgent legislation to require all those who wear motorcycle helmets to also wear florescent jackets with the registration number of the motorcycle they are riding displayed in the front and back of the jacket in large visible letters in order to increase the odds of recognition by CCTV and by eye witnesses. It should be made mandatory to wear these florescent jackets for anyone who wants to wear a helmet, huddy or any other covering that may obscure their identity while riding a moped, scooter or motor cycle in London.

Why is this important?

In last 12 months London has seen a dramatic rise in the number of crimes by criminals taking advantage of the anonymity found in the wearing of motorcycle helmets. These include some of the most cruel crimes in modern times such as blinding and disfiguring with acid. These crimes are often targeted at innocent people who are merely trying to make an honest living. More has to be done to prevent this epidemic of horrendous crimes. From August 1 2015 to July 31 2016 there were 5,647 offenses with scooters, mopeds and motorcycles used in the crime. For the 12 months ending July 31 2017, that number rocketed to 17,897. It is time the authorities take action. Please sign the petition and forward it to your contacts.


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