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To: Save st Peters pre school

Help to save St Peters pre school mountsorrel

Help to save St Peters pre school mountsorrel

Please sign the petition to help save st Peters pre school from being evict

Why is this important?

The pre school have help my family out so much with my oldest being in plaster casts to my 2youngest with there speach and much more


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Reasons for signing

  • It is vital for the community that this pre-school remains open. It appears that it helps and supports a range of families. The Govenment keep telling us that the early years are an important stage in a child's development and it has a life long impact on a child. There are so many regulations about suitable premises and yet the parish council have not offered a satisfactory alternative site.
  • This is a disgrace a village hall not being allowed to be used by the biggest single group who require the use of a good facility. The pre-school group allows a great many parents to be able to work and so benefits the local community. The Mountsorrel council tax has gone up dramatically to cover the cost of the hall so there is no excuse. The parish council should be ashamed of their actions and fix the situation immediately. Short sighted vision as usual and absolute disgrace.
  • My children go there and helpped my family out


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