To: The Mayor of London, Saddiq Khan and The Mayor of Barnet

Help us get to OUR Hospital

Help us get to OUR Hospital

A pedestrian crossing to cross Granville Road safely;

A Pedestrian controlled crossing at the junction of Granville Road and Great North Road;

A bus service that that drives into the hospital;

Why is this important?

Since the new Finchley Memorial Hospital was built, people have been campaigning for better access to the site.

Unless you drive a car or can afford a taxi, patients are faced with a very long walk and a dangerous road to cross. For the sick and disabled a journey to the hospital is dangerous and exhausting.

Barnet and Chase Farm hospitals have bus services that take them to the front door of the hospital. Why not Finchley?

The next person that needs a hospital visit could be you!

See our film on YouTube:

Finchley, London

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