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To: Felicity Buchan

Help us make crossing St Helen's gardens safer!

Dear Felicity,

As parents of pupils attending Bassett House School and local residents, we are extremely concerned by the speed and lack of pedestrian priority on St Helens Gardens.
We are deeply worried by the lack of pedestrian crossing and signage around a busy street thriving with shops, cafes, a school and a church.

Our children cross those streets many times a day to go from one school site to the other. There have been several near incidents involving school staff who are doing their best at making crossing those roads as safe as possible for our children (as young as 3).

The new "Copenhagen style" scheme recently implemented has made those roads even more dangerous to pedestrians as there are no delineations between the footpath and the road; cars now also drive on the footpaths.

We would like to request:
1. the implementation of 2 pedestrian crossings (1 between the church and the shop side and one connecting the 2 blocks of shops);
2. signage indicating children crossing.

We believe that the above is in line with the council's "school streets" scheme and the "walk to school initiative".

We trust that you will agree with us that it would be preferable to act now to prevent an accident from happening.

With kind regards,

The parents and staff of Bassett House & local residents

Why is this important?

Our children and their very committed teachers deserve a safe environment, please support us in improving the road safety around the school to ensure that no one is ever hurt.

How it will be delivered

by email and by hand

St Helens Gardens, London W10, UK

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