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To: Julian Brazier MP & National Planning inspectorate.

Help us save our "Ancient Woodland" from the National Grid!

Please persuade National Grid to re-direct the "Richborough Connetion" Around the "Ancient" woodland of Kemberland in Broadoak. They have clearly stated they "can" do this!

Why is this important?

There is only roughly 2% of "Ancient Woodland" left in the UK, with over 400 of these under threat from development, and ours is one of those under threat!!
So we are asking for your help by signing this petition.

National Grid have proposed the new Richborough Connection to bring in electricity from Belgium to power homes in Canterbury and the surrounding areas. This will be in the form of pylons and cables running from Richborough power station to Canterbury. Due to this, National Grid want to cut a 40 meter wide avenue through the northern section of Kemberland "Ancient" Woodland.
While we understand that people need electricity to power their homes etc, we do not feel it is necessary to cut through protected "Ancient woodland" affecting protected species when it is in such rapid decline and is under threat , so we are urging for a re-direction around Kemberland Woods.
National Grid state that they "could re-direct" the route away from Kemberland Woods", but that it will cost more money, but we say whats money in comparison to something that is irreplaceable therefore priceless?? and at such a time when our environment is in such a fragile state??
We bought this woodland to preserve it!. The biodiversity within it is rich with an ecosystem that relies on every inch of this woodland. We have protected Bats, Newts, Bluebells, and many other species that need to stay protected.
The woodland floor is what classes this woodland as "Ancient", so having machinery that will cut a 40 meter wide avenue straight through the northern section will not only destroy the trees that birds use to nest, but will also destroy the very ground that makes this woodland "Ancient".
Once Ancient woodlands are gone, they are gone forever, the damage is irreversible and they cannot be replaced!!.
"They are priceless and need to be protected, else everybody suffers from this loss, not just us!"

A quote by The Woodland Trust -
"The Woodland Trust are fully supportive of Your petition, and we will be submitting our own response to the proposals and hope to see plenty of others getting involved to voice their concerns too"

Our aim now is to approach National Planning Inspectorate and Canterbury City`s MP the signatures collected this summer!

So we ask that you help us by signing and sharing this petition far and wide. We, the woodland and all the wildlife that live in it would be very grateful.

They dont have a voice, but we do!!!
Kemberland Wood, Sturry, City of Canterbury

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