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To: Local residents

Help us save two historic buildings in Newton Le Willows

Help us save two historic buildings in Newton Le Willows

We have submitted a planning application to save two historic Grade II listed buildings and build 24 new family homes at Newton Park Drive in St Helens, the council have already rejected our first planning application, so we need your help to ensure these buildings of historic importance are not lost.

Why is this important?

The restoration works will save the manor house, which was built in 1774, and barn which dates back to the 1600s and will deliver a further 10 apartments.

The listed buildings have lain empty for decades and have fallen into an advanced state of disrepair, and this is the last opportunity to save the buildings, which are described by Historic England as being “not only of local significance but of national importance.”

It will also provide much needed family homes for the local area.

Banastre Drive, Newton-le-Willows WA12 8BE

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Reasons for signing

  • Two historical buildings need saving
  • Fantastic opportunity for a trusted, quality, local developer to not only save this historic crumbling piece of heritage, but to also provide a useful and positive future for the buildings and surrounding land. I actually cannot believe one application has been turned down previously. What is the alternative? To leave them in a dangerous and derelict state?
  • We need to preserve what historic building we have and not allow them to fall into decay.


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