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To: Energy Companies

Help with energy bills

Help with energy bills

* Increase emergency credit from £5 to £50
* Give a payment break for 3 months
* Provide free or discounted energy for vulnerable people
* Provide other related support for people affected by Covid-19

Why is this important?

Due to the outbreak of Corona virus, many people are forced to stay and work at their homes. This means that their energy usage will increase.
But for some people, like those on zero hours contracts or self employed, who are already left in a difficult financial situation, this could mean to not having the means to pay for their energy.
Ivana, a self employed single mother of three is now worried. Schools are closing and her young children will be staying at home without any heating or electricity as she doesn't have money to top-up her meter, once her emergency credit of £5 is used up.
Energy companies should provide help for people like Ivana, by offering extra emergency credit, payment breaks or free energy.



2020-03-21 11:59:37 +0000

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