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To: Essex county council

High Beech School transport, our children's lives are worth more.

Stop using minicabs to transport children as young as 4.
Provide the school with a trusted and safe transport system to get children as young as 4 to school.
Before September the school was provided with 2 bus services that came with a chaperone to take children safely to and from school.
This service has been removed and now is providing mini cab services for the children. Placing the safety of the children at risk, and causing alarm to all parents involved.
This service is uncontactable for parents, the drivers have no evidence of child safety checks, children have been left alone in cars.
The school bus was provided due to unsafe road conditions, no pavements for children to walk on, limited lighting, no special speed restrictions outside the school, and no parking.
Providing minicabs instead of a single bus causing extra congestion on the road endangering the safety of all children not just them using the service.
Provide the children with a safe service that we previously had.
Our children's lives are worth much more than the money saved changing this contract.

Why is this important?

This change in service is endangering the lives and safety of the children that are being forced to use the service.
This change is also endangering the children not using the service by causing greater traffic volumes outside the school.

How it will be delivered

By hand.


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