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To: Cllr Sophie McGeevor - Lewisham Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

LTN / HNS - Hither Green West - Catford North Cell

LTN / HNS - Hither Green West - Catford North Cell

Prioritise and implement a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) on the West Side of Hither Green / "Catford North" cell as per Healthy Neighbourhood Scheme (HNS) as soon as possible.

We would expect this LTN to include measures on residential streets including Hither Green Lane to ensure a successful delivery of a LTN / HNS type scheme and ensure no residents in our community get left behind.

Why is this important?

We cannot continue to accept that our community suffers from heavy traffic, associated pollution any longer and need change.

The west side of Hither Green / Catford North cell area could be a pleasant place to live and work but it continues to be blighted by:
• Heavy traffic / congestion with associated pollution
• Use as a cut through / rat-run between Lewisham High Street and the South Circular (and vice versa)

Having seen other schemes and potential associated benefits - we would also like an LTN / HNS to:
• increase physical activity through more walking and cycling
• provide safer streets for our residents and particularly our children
• significantly reduce non-residential traffic through our community
• deliver improved air quality
• benefit our local businesses
• support LB Lewishams environmental objectives

Please sign this petition to help make our community a Low Traffic Neighbourhood and to become a safer, more pedestrian / cycling / family friendly place to live, work and shop.

Note: The proposal for the HGW Low Traffic Neighbourhood is below.

The Green X's relate to the proposal for HGW LTN - Click for a description of what they represent
The Grey / Purple Xs' relate to existing filters in HGW / Lewisham Lee Green LTN

Hither Green Ln, London, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Residential roads should be for resident access only and no through roads for early morning rush hour
  • For better air quality for all!
  • The impact of Lee LTN on our side of the tracks is divisive and impacting on air quality of already congested streets. There should be parity on both sides of Hither Green.


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