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To: Local residents

Holdenhurst Avenue

Holdenhurst Avenue

Petty crime and anti-social behaviour happens at the corner of Holdenhurst Ave and Etchingham Park Rd near the entrance to Victoria Park. Fly tippers, in particular, act with impunity. The council do nothing to stop the problem and are simply reactive. Let’s solve this problem once and for all by getting the council to put up a camera. This will (a) act as a deterrent and (b) help to prosecute those who have no respect for our neighbourhood.

Why is this important?

To keep our neighbourhood as safe and pleasant as possible

Holdenhurst Avenue, London

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Reasons for signing

  • Happy to sign but will this have any measurable impact other than a few people expressing dismay and anger? I photograph and report fly tipped items on the Barnet website. The Council do take action and remove items within a few days. One solution is to photograph and/or film fly tippers in the act. Not easy as such activities seldom occur in broad daylight and at random sites. Evidence to the Council will enable them to follow up and take action against the guilty parties.
  • It’s utterly disgusting. The council and government are doing nothing at all.
  • I am often phoning the Council to remove items that have been left and it takes a few days for them to remove the offending item/s. There should be a deterrent for those responsible for fly tipping.


2019-07-28 19:34:16 +0100

Thank you to everyone who has already signed. Your support is much appreciated. More fly tipping over the last few days - the latest a mattress at the park entrance. I’d be grateful if you could share the link with anyone you think might sign. Once I have 100 signatures I intend going to the council.

2019-07-09 22:36:38 +0100

10 signatures reached