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To: Home Office

Grant Endurance Ojo asylum

Grant Endurance Ojo asylum

Leaving Endurance’s asylum case outstanding for 6 years is unacceptable. Grant him asylum so he can stay in the UK with his young family.

Why is this important?

In 2011 I moved to the UK from Nigeria. After denouncing my membership in a gang my two brothers were killed for revenge. My life would be at risk if I returned.

In 2012 I claimed asylum. Ever since then my application has been outstanding and the Home Office have refused to make a decision on my application.

They know I have a young family here in the UK and I’m struggling because I can’t work and pay tax to support my family. Everyone in my family is British, my partner had 3 kids in her previous relationship and we have a daughter. I'm the one looking after everyone ever since she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Several letters and proof of our relationship have been sent to the Home Office, but they refuse to take this into consideration. My situation has gone from bad to worse.

This is destroying me physically and mentally I don't wish this situation on anybody. Please make a decision and grant me asylum.


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Reasons for signing

  • It is inhumane ans unacceptable to,leave someone in limbo for this long. We should be a safe haven for people who need one wherever they are from.
  • I put what reasonable people want ahead of what the Home Office wants, and I put the interests of children before the prejudices of adults. Every time.


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