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To: The Government of the United Kingdom / The Smith Commission

Home Rule for Scotland

Home Rule for Scotland

Home Rule must be established for Scotland.

Why is this important?

On the 18th of September 2014 almost 45% of the Scottish electorate voted for Scotland to become a fully independent country. 55% voted No having been assured that a No vote would result in ‘extensive new powers’ being transferred to the Scottish Parliament. We believe that this result constitutes a clear indication that an advanced form of self-government within the United Kingdom is required for Scotland. We refer to this proposal as Home Rule for Scotland.

Home Rule means that some powers would continue to be shared across the UK. Shared powers would cover royal succession, foreign affairs, defence, a shared currency and free movement. But everything else, including the raising and spending of money, would be Scotland’s responsibility. Moreover, in recognition of the Sovereignty of the People of Scotland, constitutional arrangements as they pertain to Scotland, including EU membership and the role of the European Court of Human Rights in relation to Scotland, would be determined by the people of Scotland through referenda. This arrangement would be enshrined in a ‘Charter of Autonomy’, which would function as a written constitution for Scotland.

Powers for the Scottish Parliament will include:

• Full fiscal autonomy, including income tax, national insurance, corporation tax and VAT including the right to create and abolish taxes.
• Full control of welfare policy and spending, including pensions and unemployment benefits including the right to introduce new benefits.
• Employment and industrial relations.
• Regulation of Trade and Industry.
• Oil and Gas regulation and revenues.
• Broadcast Media.
• Transport.
• Full Borrowing Powers.
• Full control of the Crown Estate.
• Energy.
• Control of Elections and Voting arrangements.
• Recognising the Sovereignty of the People of Scotland, constitutional arrangements as they pertain to Scotland, including EU membership, to be determined by the people of Scotland through a referendum.

How it will be delivered

The petition, with over 2000 signatures, was delivered to the Smith Commission on Friday 31st October 2014. I have decided to keep the petition open in the hope that it can serve to apply pressure to the UK Government in the run up to the UK general election next year (2015).


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Reasons for signing

  • I want change
  • We are a people who do not require to be tied to mother England's apron strings.
  • The referendum result can only be ratified by delivering an acceptable federal solution. This will then be verified by the electorate in subsequent elections. It's called democratic process.


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