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To: Historic England

Homebase building at Gillette Corner should be listed

Homebase building at Gillette Corner should be listed

List the Homebase building at Gillette Corner in Brentford, West London

Why is this important?

The Homebase building at Gillette Corner, an innovative and award-winning building, is one of several iconic structures in Sir Nicholas Grimshaw's portfolio. Along with the grade-II listed Gillette building opposite, it forms a landmark gateway to the Brentford Golden Mile.


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Reasons for signing

  • This striking building complements and contrasts with the Grade II-listed Gillette Building opposite. With developers everywhere building characterless new buildings we need to preserve anything, such as this, that adds to the area.
  • This award winning structure should not be destroyed like so many other iconic buildings in this borough
  • It's an iconic building and must be saved from the vandals TESCO, we have already lost so many buildings FIRESTONES etc


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