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To: Theresa Villiers & the Government

Homes fit for Heroes - And for everyone else too!

Homes fit for Heroes - And for everyone else too!

We, the undersigned, call on the Government and Theresa Villiers, as our representative in parliament, to bring forward legislation that facilitates the numerous unsuitable local developments which are currently being proposed (notably the New Barnet Gas Works, High Barnet and Cockfosters stations) to be redesigned so that they can become HOMES FIT FOR OUR HEROES – and for everyone else besides!

Why is this important?

Every Thursday, people have been clapping for our keyworkers, whilst many of those very keyworkers (and so many others) are living in insecure, expensive, overcrowded accommodation and/or commuting unreasonable distances.

We don't need any more luxury apartments, over-priced rabbit hutches or safety deposit boxes suitable only for rich investors; many existing properties remain empty and unused. We need homes fit for the community. Homes that are not out of reach to those who need them. Our creaking infrastructure is falling behind; even basic utilities like water and sewage services are already struggling to cope as it is.
Barnet needs developments that put the environment and the supporting infrastructure at the heart of planning.


Going forwards, we need these developments to be:
• Built in a manner that is worthy of those who need them, worthy of our community and befitting of the collective knowledge that we have in this day and age
• Modern, sustainable and environmentally-sound safe, warm, insulated homes
• Eco-villages with sufficient outside space.
• Accompanied by supporting infrastructure (roads, schools, nurseries, healthcare, sewage etc)
• Desirable for downsizers
• Accessible for disabled and mobility impaired
• Affordable. Really, truly affordable, so that our friends, families, neighbours & keyworkers are no longer displaced to towns along the A1 and beyond, or forced into overcrowded or or temporary accommodation
• Communities we want to live in. Our community!

The solution to the housing crisis is not to just build more and more “units”, no matter how many times developers & politicians tell us that is the case.
We want to see developments which solve problems, not create them.
Our local community seem to be constantly firefighting against ill thought out, profit motivated developments.
These developments will scar or enhance the community for many, many years going forward. We want to make the right choices. However, the choices we would make as a community are blocked by existing legislation and housing targets; major reform is required.

Politicians & developers may say it's impossible or 'unviable'.
But as we can see from the emergency legislation passed during the current COVID crisis, anything is possible, so long as the political will is there.

We have a vision for the community we live in, a vision that enhances Barnet rather than damaging it. A vision that is worthy & deserving of the people of this community. Our community.

It is time to build homes for need, not for greed; and to put people before profit.

Thank you.

Please also sign up to the following statement, which is more specific to the New Barnet Gas Works Development plans, but sits alongside this petition:

London Borough of Barnet, UK

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