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To: City of Edinburgh Council

Honour original plan for Portobello Skatepark

We ask the City of Edinburgh Council to honour its commitment to the original skate park design on the new Treverlen Park on the site of the old St John’s school.

It was revealed recently that the budget for the skatepark has been slashed by 36%, and the size of it by 70%, without any consultation with local people or public statement to that effect. This is completely unacceptable as the responses to the consultation for the park showed overwhelming support for a skatepark on the site. The new park is a unique opportunity to provide this long called-for facility for the young people of Portobello and Duddingston and not just replicate what already exists in the adjacent Figgate Park.

We also call on Portobello and Northfield Willowbrae Community Councils to support local efforts to ensure the views of the community are heard and to provide practical help to assist those wishing to bring the promised skatepark to life.

Why is this important?

The promised new park offers an exceptional and unique opportunity to provide something new and different for younger people in our community. At present, there are facilities for many groups in the surrounding area including a variety of playparks for the very young and walking, running and cycling options for people and dogs in both parks and at the beach. People in their teenage years and young adults have fewer outdoor options than most groups but are just as deserving of facilities to meet their needs.

We need to stop and consider what is most important for our growing population, to respond to their needs and to ensure that Council-made promises are kept to demonstrate good faith and to make social inclusion a reality.

Edinburgh, Portobello.

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2019-03-14 00:33:05 +0000

Great news!

On Thursday the 28 February 2019 at St John’s Primary School
A special meeting was held by
Northfield and Willowbrae Community Council to discuss our request that the City of Edinburgh Council honour its commitment to the original skate park proposed for the new Treverlen Park
After a brief presentation and explanation for the confusion regarding the skatepark by Crawford McGhie, Senior Manager – Estates and Operational Support City of Edinburgh Council and other City of Edinburgh Council officers.
It was confirmed that the City of Edinburgh Council will honour their commitment to the original skatepark proposed for the new Treverlen Park and that the scale shall remain 400sq m with a budget of 75k.
Thank you all for your support and signing my petition, you helped get a long over due skatepark for Portobello back on track.


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