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To: Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

Honour the Heroes – in our NHS, social care, key workers and community volunteers

Honour our NHS and Social Care staff, carers, key workers and community volunteer heroes for their courage, bravery and sacrifices in saving lives and keeping us safe. When soldiers fight to protect us and our country they are honoured and remembered. Our NHS and Social Care staff, key workers and community volunteer heroes deserve nothing less.

Why is this important?

NHS and social care workers, carers, key workers and hundreds of thousands of community volunteers are keeping us and our country safe in the fight against Coronavirus – the silent enemy. An enemy that does not differentiate between young or old; rich or poor; or those with power or the powerless.

We have witnessed immense courage and bravery of our NHS, public sector and community spirited volunteers who are serving humanity selflessly without the fear of putting themselves at risk. Everyone is doing their little bit in saving lives, helping and supporting the most vulnerable in our communities. Doctors, nurses, care workers, teachers and bus drivers have already sacrificed their lives in the line of duty and in their attempt to save the lives of others.

The appreciation and love shown up and down the country by many people through lighting up buildings, by standing on our streets to #ClapforNHS #ClapforCarers #ClapforKeyWorkers and displaying rainbows in windows is overwhelming. We now need to further show our solidarity and support to honour them appropriately.

We are proud of our NHS, social care, carers, key workers and community volunteer heroes for their efforts in protecting us all now and in the future. Generations to come will look back at their contributions and sacrifices for keeping us safe.



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