To: NHS North Lanarkshire/ NHS Scotland

Hospital For Cumbernauld

Hospital For Cumbernauld

Build the new Monklands Hospital in Cumbernauld

Why is this important?

Cumbernauld in the largest and most populous town in North Lanarkshire and the 10th largest town in Scotland and has no hospital and no out of hours service and no transport links to enable the residents of Cumbernauld to access healthcare out with the town.
A local business man has offered a piece of land for FREE to have the hospital built in Cumbernauld and yet Cumbernauld has been rejected as a possible site for the new hospital.

Why? Because apparently it will detract from a nearby hospital in a different region ( Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Larbert ) some 10 miles away. A hospital that the residents of Cumbernauld are actively discouraged from using.

Instead NHS North Lanarkshire is looking at Gartcosh as a potential site for the new hospital. Gartcosh being just 8 miles from Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Since the majority of patients will be from Cumbernauld i think it’s only right that the hospital be built in Cumbernauld.

Cumbernauld, Glasgow, UK

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