To: Hospitality Staff

Hospitality - all staff should be paid national living wage.

Hospitality - all staff should be paid national living wage.

No more national minimum wage. Everyone should be on national living wage.

Why is this important?

Most staff in the hospitality sector work long exhausting hours for minimum wage with no tips or little tips. Christmas and summer periods are long and You tend to miss out on celebrating the holidays and New year due to working.
Chefs/ kitchen porters are working between 45-65 hours a week.
Bartenders/ Barbacks are working between 45-65 hours.
Servers /food runners working 10-12 hour shifts 5 days in a row and expected to function on 5-7 hours sleep.
Hotel staff working endlessly to turn over beds and rooms to make sure they are ready in time.
Make sure big corporate parties are perfect and making sure all the mess and stress is unseen and behind closed doors.
This does not include everyone in the industry but most people work a lot of hours for little pay and expected to be away from family and friends when it’s the holidays. Mental Health is a big thing in the industry and money is a problem. The less money you have the more you have to work with less sleep. Which means you drain yourself mentally and physically. Last year over 20 hospitality staff members in Manchester / greater Manchester took their lives because their mental health wasn’t in check and wasn’t their workplace highest priority. It was making staff work and making sure they were making money.
Not all companies do this and most look after their staff but when it comes down to it most of us are on 0 hour contracts and minimum wage.