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To: Capital Hill Hotels Group, Indian Hotel Company, The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Jumeirah Group and Sir Richard Sutton Limited

Hotels in the UK: Comply with the Modern Slavery Act

Comply with the Modern Slavery Act and release an annual statement to show what you've been doing.

Why is this important?

Slavery did not end with abolition in the 19th century. Instead, it changed its forms and continues to harm people in every country in the world. Including here in the UK.

Currently, the UK Modern Slavery Act requires companies with a turnover of £36 million to release annual statements of their anti-slavery efforts. And hotels and the hospitality industry often don't do enough to stop the exploitation of workers, and in the worst cases, modern slavery.

But some of these hotel companies are not producing these statements - even though they have to by law.

This means that right now we don't know if they are failing to address the specific risks of modern slavery in their direct operations and supply chains, because they are not releasing an annual report.

These hotel chains must reflect on the specific risks facing the sector: they must do the bare minimum and take slavery seriously.

*These groups have not complied as of 22 November 2019


Reasons for signing

  • This practice needs to be stopped.
  • We look to hotels to provide the services that give us a temporary home from home. No reasonable person could want to know that this comfort comes at the cost of staff abuse. Take note and avoid the brands who think it is acceptable.
  • We all like a bargain but not at people’s expense. Everyone deserves a decent day’s pay for hard work


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