To: Government, local government, planners and house builders

House building and affordable housing including rural areas

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I ask those of you, who are in a position to execute a more suitable housing programme, and to do so, in a timely and effective way, by providing housing stock which is rentable or purchasing a home and sustainable.

Why is this important?

The housing programme currently being operated is doing very little for people with a small or no deposit who want to get on the housing ladder, either by rent or purchase. Each area, including, rural areas, have been designated a target housing stock number by you , the Government, to instruct Local Authorities to implement this programme. This flies in the face of democracy and public opinion of these developments on what sort of housing and furthermore it does not state a suitable price. Builder Contractors are enjoying a building boom by building properties that are selling for an average of £300,000. This is totally not a programme for people who are on a low financial budget but are trying to find a decent home for them and their family. Houses should be built for young families with enough suitable space to accommodate them at an affordable rent or purchase, and all new builds should as standard, install solar panels.

I suggest you take a step back and have a plan to reintroduce council housing and suitable, sustainable housing for all families, which are not undersized, but adequate for all needs.

Do you not agree that the house building programme currently ongoing is not suitable for those with very little income to support these new builds? If you don't agree, can you suggest how people can find an affordable sustainable home in the area where they wish to be?

Because there are many people struggling to secure decent, sustainable living accommodation for them and their families. whereby they can live in the area of choice and near other family members, if they so wish. Currently the building programme is altering the dynamics of an area and not allowing young adults who have grown up in these areas to remain there. It is important to build community not just housing. A house is a home and that is the difference between these estate built dwellings, where there is no infrastructure or support to allow residents to integrate in the local area or economy.

How it will be delivered

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