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To: Brighton and Hove City Council

Hove Station footbridge improvement

Hove Station footbridge improvement

Ensure improvements in safety and appearance in the short term. Then in the long term, secure funding for either a major refurbishment or a replacement design with provision for a lift.

Why is this important?

The Hove Station Bridge is continuing to deteriorate. It is unsightly and not effectively cleaned. The absence of lifts makes access to the station from the north side of the railway extremely difficult for people with disabilities and makes using the bridge difficult for people with young children and people carrying heavy luggage or shopping We. the undersigned members/supporters of Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum and local residents urge the Brighton and Hove Council to
• improve the standard of cleanliness of the footbridge

• identify and implement any short term measures which will improve the appearance of the footbridge

• establish the most appropriate longer term action needed - either major refurbishment or replacement with lift provision

• secure funding from a combination public sector sources and the developer contributions generated by successive major redevelopment projects which will be starting in the vicinity of the bridge next year.

Hove, East Sussex

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Reasons for signing

  • The bridge is awful. At least clean it occasionally! Access for disabled and parents with buggies is non-existent. What an awful welcome to Hove!
  • I want my children to feel safe when coming home across the bridge. At the very least it needs to be cleaned & brightened up, better lighting installed & security cameras fitted.
  • Currently the accessibility of the bridge for disabled people, those with heavy luggage and people with buggies and small children is completely inadequate. The two alternative routes around the bridge are lengthy and the most obvious alternative route under the bridge where the bus garage is is a nightmare for all of the above. It is highly frustrating that absolutely nothing is being done to resolve this issue.


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