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To: Stockport Council

How accessible is your local train station?

How accessible is your local train station?

Make local train stations more accessible for people with physical and invisible disabilities. I want them to install wheelchair ramps and lifts to make them more accessible.

Why is this important?

Because I believe everyone should have equal rights regardless as to whether you have a disability or not. I believe the local train stations should be accessible for everyone.

Less than 60% of Greater Manchester's train stations have step free access. If ramps were available at my local train station I would have used these instead of the steps as they were hard to manoeuvre and I fell over.

Greater Manchester

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Reasons for signing

  • People with disabilities should be able to access train stations just like anyone else.
  • Everyone should be able to use the train. I see so many young families struggling with bags and prams on stairs and it's so dangerous!
  • All public spaces should be accessible - it’s that equal opportunities?


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