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To: Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP Secretary of State for Health

HPV Vaccine for every boy in the country

HPV Vaccine for every boy in the country

Introduce Human Papilloma Virus Immunisation for every boy in the country, as well as every girl , with immediate effect.

Why is this important?

Girls are already being immunised against HPV, to protect them against cancer of the cervix. Young men are being diagnosed with life damaging papillomatosis, cancer of the tonsils, anal cancer, and also acting as vectors for HPV spread in women. Epidemiologists, the BMA, Ear,Nose and Throat surgeons, Colorectal surgeons, all agree that protecting all our young people , not just girls is an essential, and fair, public health measure.

How it will be delivered

I would plan to deliver the petition in person, with as many sufferers from the consequences of HPV as would be prepared to attend



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