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To: BEAR SCOTLAND, MARR Roads & aberdeenshire roads complaints

Nicole Bostock is Petition for Huntly Tesco, dufftown junction onto A96 redesign urgently needed

To whom it may concern,
Please can you help in getting something done with the council/roads/bear about the Huntly tesco a96 junction thats 2 accidents in a couple of days air ambulance was in attendance, i hear a baby and children were involved, i stay in the Milton Estate which is located next to these junctions and every day and i mean every day there's near misses as we at milton estate in Huntly, hear blasting of horns throughout the day and night also vehicles going at speed, the junction and road layout is so poorly designed its dangerous and would be better designed as a roundabout instead of junctions onto the A96 for Tesco and dufftown A920, which inturn I believe to help slow traffic as it does at the roundabout next to Huntly Asda . Im going to start a petition for this area to be turned into a roundabout due to amount of accidents that have occurred and will continue to happen unfortunately, so please consider how to help make this part of the road safe because i feel very strongly that council/roads/bear are the only ones that can stop the accidents and near misses by redesigning the A96 layout. I continually hear from people after accidents have occurred, that something needs to be done about this part of the A96 which the majority of solutions suggested is a roundabout.
I have emailed Aberdeenshire council roads and Bear with regards to above aswell as local councillors. I would hope that the above would help in getting some evidence of any concerns from police and ambulances that have attended accidents in the past of how many accidents since the junctions have been in place since the new road layout, would help confirm the need for action of new design.

From a concerned member of the public with local support by other members of the public who will inturn sign this petition.

Why is this important?

This petition is to help locals and anyone else involved in accidents at this location with a view to help prevent more by getting our voices heard and a redesign to be initiated and rectify the problem.

How it will be delivered


Huntly AB54, UK

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