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To: Cheshire East Council

Hurdsfield children need space to grow

Hurdsfield children need space to grow

Hurdsfield Primary School Currently have 2 classrooms less than they need. This means 6 classrooms for 7 year groups and no ability to offer a 2 yr old nursery provision which would benefit the children and families greatly.

This was the statement from the school sent to parents:
"Cheshire East Council had agreed to let us use two rooms in the Children’s centre to run our nursery, which solved the problem. This was confirmed.
However, recently, Cheshire East Council changed their mind and we cannot use the Children’s Centre. This decision was made by Cheshire East Officers and NOT the school. The council have accepted full responsibility for this decision and have apologised. This means we won’t have enough classrooms in September 2022 and very little time to solve the problem. Due to the fact that this decision was communicated so late, the council have stopped the school for sourcing alternatives to the situation.

We want to show Cheshire East Council that we want a long term solution to this as soon as possible as it is vital that our children and the school have the space to grow and can admit the children wishing to go there from the local area.

Why is this important?

The school was built as an infant school, and is only suitable for 25 smaller students per classroom. But because there isn't enough classrooms the joint classes mean there are 30 or over Key stage 2 aged students in 2 of the classrooms.

There is also no room for new students to join as classes are full, so the school is unable to grow as it otherwise naturally would do.

Children are currently in split classes which was meant to be a temporary solution but is rolling into another academic year now.

The promised 2 year old nursery provision which would hugely help outcomes in early years cannot go ahead for another year.

How it will be delivered

We will be sending this to Cheshire East Council as soon as we have enough support.

Macclesfield, UK

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