IKEA cuts sick pay during Covid-19

IKEA cuts sick pay during Covid-19

IKEA UK is cutting its sick pay during Covid-19 from ~20 days calculated via Bradford Factor equation to just 11 days split over 2 occasions. The average number of cold or flu incidences the average person has in a year is 3. This will therefore save IKEA $200 per co-worker by forcing workers to come in when they are ill or not get paid.

Why is this important?

IKEA doesn't just sell furniture it serves food. Having restaurant coworkers drag themselves in to work when they are infectious is extremely dangerous to the public. Do you want to be fed by someone with Covid-19? IKEA's profits are very high at the moment due to a boom in home furniture sales caused by people not being able to go abroad on holiday and by other venues being closed. Therefore this is most probably a case of pure corporate greed.