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Ikea to recall Malm chest of drawers in the UK too!

Ikea to recall Malm chest of drawers in the UK too!

Recall the same items of Malm furniture in the UK as they are in the US.

Why is this important?

A piece of furniture doesn't become safer just because it's in a different country (where the population is slightly less likely to seek compensation). Malm furniture has taken the lives of several children in the US and Ikea has taken the correct course of action in recalling the related items. They should be taking the correct course of action here in the UK too and wherever else these items have been sold.

Yes the instructions do warn that furniture should be attached to a wall to make safe but buyers were not made aware of this at the time of purchase because it is not implicit that the furniture Must be attached. What about all the customers who were sold this furniture who rent? Many of them cannot just knock holes in their walls even if Ikea do supply the attachments for free.

Be fair to your customers it can't be one rule for US and another for the UK.


Reasons for signing

  • I would return the furniture to IKEA regardless of whether there is a recall in the UK. Furniture shouldn't need anchoring to a wall to be safe. It should be designed safe in the first place.
  • This chest of drawers fell over on my son and hurt his leg, thankfully that was all that happened.
  • I have one of these Units and after spending an 2 hours assembling it was left to consider how well it was designed, Yes it is Top Heavy and requires a Brick solid wall with study fixings, READ the instructions , what has happened with other Units is down to POOR installation and Ikea should have Printed In BOLD the risks , there will always be the Human Factor , and the Loss of these Little Children RIP , Adults - Get Switched On , or give the job to a Competent Persons.


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