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To: Croydon Council and Lambeth Council

Improve Central Hill, Crown Dale, and Elder Road junction

Improve Central Hill, Crown Dale, and Elder Road junction

We request the cross border highway authorities, Lambeth Council and Croydon Council, to conduct feasibility work in improving pedestrian, cycle and road safety on Central Hill, Crown Dale and their junction with Elder Road, and to seek funding for improvements.

Why is this important?

Elder Road junction has split highways management between Lambeth and Croydon and for years has been left without improved crossings. It is cross border, where Central Hill is principally managed by Croydon, and Crown Dale is principally managed by Lambeth.

We request a joint cross-border approach to:
- investigate, consult and report what layout changes and other interventions would improve road safety at the junctions with Elder Road and Central Hill and Crown Dale;
- introduce new road safety measures by schools (Croydon and Lambeth side), especially to address school opening and closing;
- reduce dangerous speeding by drivers, and consider 20mph due to the concentration and number of local schools, and its steep hills;
- and encourage increased walking and cycling locally, to make safer access to local parks, to many local schools and health services on this road, and to seek funding for highways improvements.

Also important, is to tackle other dangerous junctions on Central Hill (at the Salters Hill and the Westow Street junctions), and further along Crown Dale.

This section of A214 (from Crown Dale to Crystal Palace) sees too many Killed and Seriously Injured (KSI) casualties. We want a safer future for everyone who lives, works and goes to school on these local roads.

Add your reasons for signing with concerns you have about safety on this road.

Crown Dale, London SE19 3NY, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Safety for the community but also the school population needs to be prioritised and improved.
  • I've been involved in providing first aid and assisting following RTC's on this road. The road layout and maintenance is poor and without urgent work, there will be loss of life - sadly likely to be a vulnerable road user or a child.
  • There have been numerous serious and fatal accidents just in the past year. The junction with Elder road needs a new traffic calming layout with proper crossing. The A214 needs numerous calming furniture and lighting and a reduced 20 mph limit. Note to Croydon and Lambeth; why is this not in place with 2 large schools directly adjacent to the road?


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The Lambeth “re-consultation” 20/01066/EIAFUL (that is now linked to 20/01822/EIAFUL for 217 residential units) will locate a Waste Transfer Station into West Norwood (Windsor Grove) to now become 35,000 tons per annum waste. Its proposed HGV Routing Plan directs 100s HGVs per week to/from their site via ELDER ROAD, so passed multiple schools on Central Hill and Crown Dale.

20/01066/EIAFUL, Windsor Grove planning application

20/01822/EIAFUL | Demolition of existing waste transfer station and re-development