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To: Heacham parish council

Improve Heacham skatepark

Improve Heacham skatepark

Expand and refurbish the skatepark in Heacham.

Why is this important?

Our skatepark in Heacham provides vital exercise and social experiences for young people, however, it is not attractive or completely safe, meaning parents and children feel discouraged. This means a lack of healthy children and an eyesore in a communal area. It is now more important than ever that our public spaces are maintained and upgraded to support the community's physical and mental health. The 11-18 age bracket is an often overlooked demographic, and a functional and attractive communal area is vital for our well-being.

Heacham, King's Lynn, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • A great cause
  • Visit Heacham


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Thank you so much to everyone who has helped so far :)

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