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To: Bromley Borough Council

Improving road safety Wickham Way BR3

Improving road safety Wickham Way BR3

Review road safety and traffic calming measures on bend of Wickham Way BR3

Why is this important?

There have been 4 car crashes in same spot over last 3 years. Nothing has been changed to mitigate against further accidents despite communications with police and council. Pedestrians as well as road users and residents are at risk. Someone will get killed at some point if not addressed

How it will be delivered

To Bromley Council as an e-petition


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Reasons for signing

  • According to the Evening Standard the council states there has been only one accident in the last three years on this corner. I know about six accidents in the last three years where the driver has lost control and ended up smashing into walls and/or lamp posts on that corner. I am sure there are more accidents I know nothing about. Bromley Council have completely underestimated how dangerous this stretch of road really is.
  • as a resident of Wickham Way this has to be the 5th time in as many years that this has happened. Only a fatality will get something done, by then its too late .
  • There are two high schools in this vicinity and a lot of schoolchildren use this road as well as all the local residents so let’s get something done now to make people reduce their speed on Wickham Way, before it’s too late and there is a fatality.


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2019-09-26 19:59:48 +0100

i have some good news. New traffic calming measures have been proposed. These include new speed limits, extra signage and a vehicle activated ‘slow down’ sign plus some speed monitoring too after installation. For more details click on link below:!AuuGaZaePuv6hTnwxH9Djl0g44_3

While this does not go as far as I hoped, it is a big improvement on what was originally proposed.

The incident has also revealed that very few accidents are reported to Bromley Council including indirectly via the police. So my big additional ask is that future accidents that you may see are reported.

Many thanks for all your support.

Best wishes


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