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To: Fiona Bruce MP

Increase Funding from central government to Cheshire East Council

Increase Funding from central government to Cheshire East Council

We, the undersigned, express serious concern about the funding cuts from central government to Cheshire East Council. We would like to ask our MP to lobby central government for more funding, to ensure that essential public services are maintained, which include:

• education services
• children’s and adults’ social care
• public health services
• libraries

Why is this important?

We are particularly concerned about road maintenance and the closure of Congleton’s Household Waste & Recycling Centre.

We acknowledge that funding grants from central government to local authorities has


Cheshire East Council does its utmost to support those with the greatest need, however year on year cuts mean that services must evolve to adapt to the funding it receives. Without more funding the loss of some services and a deterioration of road standards are inevitable.

Cheshire East, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Year on year cuts to local authorities from central government have meant that services have had a adapt to the funds received. Local Authorities need funding restored to at least 2010 levels in real terms to make up for the shortfall in funding over the last decade.


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