To: James Gray MP

Increase funding Royal Wootton Bassett's GP surgeries.

Increase funding Royal Wootton Bassett's GP surgeries.

We are calling upon Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt MP, and James Gray MP to urgently increase funding to the NHS and to primary care provision in Wootton Bassett.

Why is this important?

In Royal Wootton Bassett, GP provision is significantly worse than the national average. Many residents have experienced long waiting times for an appointment, or have had to travel to Malmesbury or Swindon for an appointment. Our GP surgeries urgently need more funding so that they can recruit more doctors, provide a wider range of health services to the community and ensure that they can fund the treatments that patients need. We are likely to face a very real crisis in the NHS this winter.



Reasons for signing

  • Lack of appointment times
  • I believe that a 5 week wait for a non urgent appointment is not acceptable. Our doctors and nurses are brilliant, but they shouldn't be under such pressure.
  • No available nurse appts, diabolical mental health provision


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