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To: Kent County Council and Dartford Borough Council

Increase Safety on The Brent zebra crossing

We are petitioning Kent County Council to;

• Install another light and repair the broken one.

• Install railings along the pavement by the zebra crossing.

We ask Dartford Borough Council to;

• Increase parking enforcement.

Why is this important?

The Brent is highly built up - with residential housing, shops and 2 bus stops along this one small stretch of road. Earlier this month a woman was knocked down by a car and badly injured whilst walking across the zebra crossing, which simply isn't fit for purpose! This is not a one off incident, and since then many have shared their own experiences of near misses.

We the undersigned ask Kent County Council for the zebra crossing lights to be installed, replaced and properly maintained & for railings to be installed along the ends of the crossing, to stop people parking alongside and obscuring pedestrians. We also ask Dartford Borough Council for increased parking enforcement along here, to deter people from parking dangerously and stop reckless behaviour.

We have formed The Newtown Road Safety Group, in order to make our ward a safer place to live, and ask that both the local authority and Kent council start working together, before we see yet more injury and tragedies on our roads.

Dartford, UK

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