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To: Her Majesty's Government

Increase speed limit of e-bikes to 20mph

Increase speed limit of e-bikes to 20mph

We call on HM Govt to increase the current speed limit on e-bikes from 15.5mph to 20mph.

Why is this important?

Currently, all e-bikes have a restricted speed limit of 15.5mph. This means that, once the user travels at a speed greater than 15.5mph, the electric motor cuts out and ceases to assist the user.

We say that increasing the limit to 20mph would have the following positive effects:

- journeys (typically for commuting) would be cut shorter
- e-bikes would become a more attractive alternative mode of transport (as opposed to using public transport or private vehicles)
- the purchasing of e-bikes would be more worthwhile.

20 is plenty. It remains a safe speed to travel and cuts journeys shorter. It would massively aid the e-bike revolution in the UK, as a healthier and more sustainable alternative to increased use of public transport (the cost of which increases every year).

Many employers operate Cycle to Work schemes, but several are deterred by the current 15.5mph limit and sheer cost of the bike. Raising the limit by just 4.5mph would make the purchase of such products more attractive and deliver better value for money.

Please click on this link to find out more:

Let's make a success of the e-bike revolution.

Thank you for considering this petition.


Reasons for signing

  • I have an ebike and see the logic of why this change is required.
  • 20 mph on uphill country roads would save me about 25 minutes a day on my commute


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