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To: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak


Increase the tax paid on profit from unearned assets like shares, second homes and expensive artwork so that it is equal to income tax.

Why is this important?

Our tax system is deeply unfair. People who make their money from selling second homes and expensive artworks pay much less tax than the majority of us when we pay tax on our income.

With the government looking at how to recoup the billions it’s spent during the coronavirus crisis, increasing tax on these profits - called Capital Gains Tax - would be a fair way of helping cover the cost.

It would mean the government wouldn’t need to make cuts or increase taxes that would make life harder for frontline workers, NHS staff and all those who have struggled to make ends meet over the last few months.


Reasons for signing

  • Not only are tax rates at the top some of the lowest in the developed world, but there is a nasty culture of tax dodging by the richest, and it’s both suffocating our economy and making life far more difficult for the majority of people; this NEEDS to be addressed!
  • The taxation in our country is appalling if you add it all up together income tax, national insurance, council tax , petrol and car tax , VAT at 20% people need to wake up to the theft that is called tax it must all add upto at least 50% , shocking.
  • Tax is levied on the poorest and paye first. National Insurance should be abolished and a single tax levied at 27% on all. Close the loop holes which allow the selfish rich to pay very little tax.


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