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To: TfL

Increase the number of trains on the Northern Line

Increase the number of trains on the Northern Line

The Northern line during the morning rush hour is unbelievably under catered for. Every morning I have to wait for numerous trains full to the brim of commuters to go past before I can eventually try and squeeze myself onto a train. Even then it's literally like sardines in a can - as demonstrated in the picture above that I took on 2nd October 2019.

Why is this important?

Major overcrowding on the platforms comes with serious safety concerns related to people on the tracks. Major overcrowding of people in tube carriages carries serious concerns related to both health and safety. What happens if the train develops a fault, has to stop in a tunnel for any reason or worse, there is another terrorist attack similar to 7/7? Over the years this problem has been getting worse so I feel now is the time to lobby TfL to provide more trains to accommodate the ever-growing population of London.


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