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To: Devon Highways, Martin Shaw, East Devon District Council, The Prime Minister, Parliament, The Queen, Seaton Town Council

Install a safety Zebra Crossing on harbour road Seaton

Install a safety Zebra Crossing on harbour road Seaton

Install a needed Zebra Crossing outside the Premier inn for safety needs of the locals and guests.

Why is this important?


My name is Jay Cross, and I am a resident in Seaton.

It has become very apparent that on harbour road directly outside the premier inn, many of the guests there and locals attempt to cross the road to access the road leading to the seafront opposite.

The nearest zebra crossing is not until Darty’s Tattoo Studio, which for some elderly and young families with pushchairs etc this can be problematic as it is a bit of a walk. (To some of us able bodied younger individuals, this is no problem, but as Seaton is a older town, this is a problem).

I was wondering if there was anything we could to to put in an application to get a zebra crossing installed directly opposite the premier inn bridge to the other side of the road?

This is the direct link to the sea front for those guests that use the premier inn to access it, and for those locals in this end of the town. Many times I have seen people waiting long periods of time, near misses and so on on this part of the road.

Unfortunately, people will cross where people will cross, and this being a hotspot will continue to cause problems. I would hate to see a fatality due to the road lay out here. Likewise, cars drive very fast along harbour road, and perhaps a zebra crossing traffic management system would help to ease this issue and make our town safer for everyone.

Thank you for your time in reading this email,
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

All the best,
Jay Cross
Seaton Resident

Seaton, Devon

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