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To: Hampshire County Council

Install Pedestrian Crossings on Worthy Road, Winchester

Install Pedestrian Crossings on Worthy Road, Winchester

Install pedestrian crossings on the busy Worthy Road for the safety of the residents of Abbott's Barton and Hyde.

Why is this important?

Worthy Road is the only major road coming into Winchester with no pedestrian crossing. 2000 children are killed or seriously injured on UK roads each year. It's time for Hampshire County Council to do something.

The Hampshire Local Transport Plan highlights the need for investment in walking, but without a pedestrian crossing residents are much less likely to walk into the town centre. Many residents in Abbotts Barton are elderly and find crossing such a busy road daunting and dangerous , this leads to feelings of isolation within our community for some of our most vulnerable residents.

Young families in this area also struggle with crossing this dangerous road. At school time many families are left waiting for long periods to cross which is a safety concern when the traffic is so fast. There are also many disabled people in Abbott's Barton who are unable to get into town independently because of the lack of a safe crossing place and that is simply wrong.

A pedestrian crossing would encourage residents to be more active, and enable much greater independence.

Residents have been campaigning about this issue for more than five years. Why do we need to wait for an accident to happen for something to be done? A crossing is needed, it's time to act.

Worthy Road, Winchester

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2019-01-07 19:10:25 +0000

Dear All,
Happy New Year! Let’s hope that 2019 brings us some more positive news regarding our crossing.
Following our visit to the council we have had a response from Councillor Humby which you can see here:
We are pleased that there seems to have been some change in tone on this issue but we are still being fobbed off. We will continue to campaign until we have the guarantees we deserve.
We are asking our supporters to spend a few minutes completing the movement strategy online. You can find the survey here:
We ask that you complete the question about Alternative Approaches by answering YES and then add the following (or your own words) in the text box:
”I urgently ask that pedestrian crossings be installed along the Worthy Road to make it safer for people to cross this very busy road.”
The deadline is Sunday 13th January so please make this your first good deed of the year.
Charlotte and Lucy

2018-11-01 16:45:20 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

2018-10-30 12:34:38 +0000

Super proud and pleased with what we achieved together as a community today. A huge thanks to Yannick Read from the Environmental Transport Association - ETA Insurance for the amazing pop up crossing and for Phil Dalziel (lighting by Natasha Dalziel) for taking some excellent photos. Take a look at the photos on our facebook page here Also please look out for our article in the Hampshire Chronicle this Thursday. Charlotte Fisher and I will be petitioning Hampshire County Council in next month's meeting so this campaign to get 2 safe pedestrian crossings on Worthy Road, Winchester is now in full swing. Please sign and share:…/install-pedestrian-crossings…
And here's the link to our great video:

2018-10-10 14:28:48 +0100

Dear Supporters,

Wow! You’ve been amazing. We have over 600 signatures!

The petition is just one part of our strategy. We will also be delivering flyers, displaying posters and we have put together a great video featuring local residents and their stories.

We will soon be hosting the ETA Trust who will be safely installing a temporary zebra crossing with inflatable beacons in order to gain more publicity and highlight the issue further.

Thanks again for all your support,

Charlotte and Lucy

2018-10-02 20:37:36 +0100

500 signatures reached

2018-09-27 15:38:00 +0100

100 signatures reached

2018-09-27 07:30:11 +0100

50 signatures reached

2018-09-26 22:41:25 +0100

25 signatures reached

2018-09-26 21:57:22 +0100

10 signatures reached