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To: Right Honourable Philip Hammond - Foreign Minister

Spare Rob Lawrie from prison

Spare Rob Lawrie from prison

Please speak with your French counterparts about clemency in the case of aid worker Rob Lawrie over trying to reunite four year old Bahar with her family in Leeds.

Why is this important?

Rob Lawrie is facing a jail sentence after attempting to reunite four-year old Bahar, who is living in the refugee camp in Calais, with her family in Yorkshire. He tried to take Bahar to relatives in Leeds after her father pleaded with him to do so, but was caught and arrested at the French border.

The current refugee crisis has affected millions of people and by showing solidarity by helping those in The Jungle, Calais, Rob's life has been changed forever. Knowing that a four year old girl could be reunited with her family just 20 miles from where he lives, where she could be warm, fed and safe meant he took drastic action.

Rob shouldn't be treated as a criminal, but as an ordinary man who trying to do the right thing in extraordinary circumstances.


Reasons for signing

  • English law is based on trial before peers. His peer are British, not American
  • I do not agree with a open borders policy at all and believe those in genuine need of being let into the UK should be allowed entry. While what Rob did was legally wrong does he deserve a prison sentence? Of course not that is just ridiculous the same as imposing thousands of pounds fines on HGV drivers when an illegal immigrant/Refugee stows away. Wake up government clowns and change your policy's which are causing this. Idiots.
  • While I understand and expect the law to protect, this is a case where the facts must be taken into consideration. How could he have said no? Could you? Could anyone of us?


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