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To: The Rt Hon Alex Chalk MP - Minister of Justice

New law which prevents shooting beside people, animals & someone else's land or garden

I am calling for the Minister of Justice to introduce a new law which means that there is a minimum distance of 500m, where people who use guns for shooting animals, cannot do so within that distance of people, animals and someone else's land or garden. I want the Minister to protect people and animals from those who choose to shoot and cause alarm, distress and physical injury to others, inc animals such as horses and dogs.

Why is this important?

There is no law as to how close you can let off firearms beside people, animals or someone else's land or garden. Sadly not everyone who has a gun license is responsible or considerate of other people, or their safety. This has resulted in a number of accidents and injuries, some serious, to people and animals when those who were shooting, did so at such close proximity. Currently someone can let off a gun adjacent to someone land, with them standing on their boundary, with horses or other animals present and there is no law which prevent this. The fact that someone can run a pheasant or grouse shoot, or shoot animals, right beside you, causing great fear, alarm, distress and injury, and there is no law to protect you, is simply wrong.

I have sadly experienced years of injuries to myself and my horses as a result of an irresponsible landowner shooting right beside my rescue horses, on my land. Despite begging he shoot elsewhere on his large estate, he has regularly caused awful injures to horses which have run through fences, bolted or run over me. I’ve also had reports of people shooting so close to someone’s garden, that the led shot fell into the pram of a baby, causing alarm to the parents. Others where people with guns have climbed fences into their garden to pick up dead and injured birds, when they have been in their garden, despite asking them not to shoot so close and denying access to their garden. There is no law to say this dangerous and irresponsible behaviour is illegal and the police will not act.

I am calling for the Government to act and introduce a new law, with a minimum distance of 500m, to protect the safety of people and animals from those with guns.

United Kingdom

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