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To: UK Government

Introduce a £2 maximum stake for online betting games and slots

Introduce a £2 maximum stake on games of luck such as slots and roulette on all online casinos/betting websites

Why is this important?

Addictive gambling websites that allow people to potentially bet hundreds of pounds every minute are plunging people into life-changing debt.

In 2019 the government introduced a new £2 maximum stake on betting terminals in high street bookmakers but no such limits apply when gambling online.

It’s never been easier to gamble online with hundreds of websites and apps available for those who wish to take part but with no maximum bet it means that people with gambling problems are at risk of falling through the cracks

During the COVID-19 crisis the amount of money being wagered online has increased at an alarming rate where people have switched from betting shops to online gambling.

If the government sees hundreds of thousands of us have signed a petition calling them to crack down on highly addictive online slots and games, it could be enough to persuade them to introduce a £2 maximum bet and change people's lives for the better.



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