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To: Network Rail

Introduce a Railcard for Social Care Workers

There are Railcards available for those who work in the Forces, Veterans, those aged 16-30 and over 60, but there is no support for one sector of society who probably need it the most.

Social Care Workers who are often earning the minimum wage or below, frequently have to fund their own rail fares to and from a job which can mean travelling at expensive peak times. I know workers who will wait at a railway station, having worked a night shift, in order to travel at the cheaper off peak time.

This is why I have started this petition to introduce a Social Care Railcard.

Why is this important?

Social Care Workers do one of the most difficult and challenging jobs in our society and I believe that introducing this Railcard would not only encourage others to join this demanding but rewarding career, it would also go a long way in acknowledging these workers and showing appreciation for their role.



2023-10-22 12:00:35 +0100

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