To: Prime Minister Theresa May and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

Introduce a Rent Cap in London

Introduce a Rent Cap in London

Introduce a cap on rents, so no one has to pay more than £200 a week on rent.

Why is this important?

To reduce the housing benefit bill drastically
So families don't have to choose between food or rent
So people can afford to live in the city with the most jobs in the UK
So there is less incentive to become a buy to let landlord, thus allowing first time buyers more opportunities to buy properties

Most young people who work in London know that they will have to move far out of London if they want to have a family as rents for family size properties are so high e.g. £350 a week for a three bedroom property.

London should not only be affordable to the rich or to those who are lucky enough to own homes.

I would suggest a rent cap which is much closer to Council housing rents. For example:

Room in shared house: £75 a week
Studio: £95 a week
One bedroom property: £120 a week
Two bedroom property: £145 a week
Three bedroom property: £170 a week
Four bedroom property: £195 a week


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Reasons for signing

  • To help single parents who don’t have enough money to pay their rent
  • It seems to me self-evident that everyone, without exception, should have the right to an affordable home (and "affordable" must be defined in relation to the base income - minimum wage or relevant social security payments - not, as it is now, a percentage of 'market' rent). If anyone thinks this would be unfair to landlords, I would remark that rent is an unearned income, so society privileges landlords by letting them obtain any rent money at all.
  • I spent years paying rent and it was only due to misfortune and family help that I have been able to afford a small home (just in the nick of time as rents were pricing us out of London). I think this is really important. I don't have children but I want to sign for my friends' children, and for everyone it effects - young people, families and elderly people.


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Thanks to your support, we've now got over 15,000 signatures. As a result, I've been invited to speak on London Live's breakfast show 'Wake Up London' to promote our campaign for a rent cap in London. Tune in on Tuesday 6th January from 6am to 9am to hear me talk about this petition and how important this issue is. I will try and include lots of your comments.

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