To: Norfolk County Council

Introduce Idling Fines To Stop Needless Pollution

Introduce Idling Fines To Stop Needless Pollution

Bring in a citizen program to report needless vehicle idling so fines can be issued

Why is this important?

Every day when i go about my business i see unnecessarily vehicle idling. This is illegal but is not enforced. How many times do you go to your local supermarket and see vehicles just sitting there pumping out there poisonous fumes?

Idling needlessly adds to climate change, adds to air pollution, wastes fuel and impacts the health of all. This is even more so for young children breathing in these poison fumes which can ultimately affect there respiratory system and affecting them for life.

I regularly remind people of their actions but unfortunately many do not care, with all we know about climate change and the harmful pollutants in vehicle emissions this is simply unacceptable

Its time a system was introduced such as the scheme in New York City where citizens can record and report such needless actions so fines can be issued


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