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To: Anthony Browne PPC, CC: James Cleverly, Chairman of the Conservative Party

South Cambridgeshire stands up to hatred in politics

Apologise for your offensive comments.

Why is this important?

The Conservative Party’s candidate for South Cambridgeshire, Anthony Browne, is reported to have used racist and offensive language in articles he had written. He wrote that the UK’s immigration policy risked “letting in too many germs” by welcoming people from the “Third World”.

What our politicians say matters. When powerful people say hateful things, it can have a real impact, spreading fear and division - and turning people off of politics.

The kind of comments made by Anthony Browne have no place in our politics - and we need to prove to him that people in South Cambridgeshire think it’s wrong.

Will you sign the petition and demand a proper apology from Anthony Browne? It’s time to stand up against hatred in politics.

South Cambridgeshire, Cambridge

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