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To: Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee

Investigate Queen's Consent!

Launch an urgent inquiry into the use of Queen's Consent to block legislation.

Why is this important?

The Royal Family has a worrying and undemocratic ability to influence the government behind closed doors before final decisions in parliament are made. One way this happens is through ‘Queen’s consent.’

This requires new bills which would have a direct impact on the Queen’s powers or interests to be submitted for her formal consent. Without this, laws cannot be made.

It is unfathomable that in the 21st century, in a democracy, the Queen and the Prince of Wales hold such great power. It may well be a constitutional monarchy in theory, but it seems that the monarchy has a lot more power than many previously thought.


Reasons for signing

  • People in power just take advantage enough already. The queen already hid her personal money and assets and protected herself and her family. Enough is enough, everyone in power is just corrupt and there to protect themselves and the other rich people in society. Sick of this bloody country
  • The question also is why either haven’t stop legislation where even the United Nations have stated legislation is against human rights, DWP & Disability. Where was the head of state then?
  • supposed to be a figurehead without power. It is not true. This proves it. Please sign the petition. Thanks.


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