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To: ISS at Homerton Hospital

ISS staff at Homerton hospital deserve a living wage!

ISS staff at Homerton hospital deserve a living wage!

We call on ISS management at Homerton hospital to ensure the contract agreement is honoured in full:
-Over 2 years of backdated pay to be paid in full.
-For staff to immediately be paid the current London Living Wage of £10.75 as a minimum and to be paid all annual increments in future.

Why is this important?

Multinational company ISS took over the contract at the Homerton to provide domestic, catering, portering and security services. They committed verbally at the time (01/10/15) to paying staff the London Living Wage as part of their bid to win the work.

Staff who were working for the previous company transferred to ISS and at the time were paid the same as NHS staff. They also retained their previous terms and conditions which closely resembled those of NHS staff.

Since this time, wages have fallen relative to the London Living Wage and to NHS staff. Both groups earn less than the London Living Wage of £10.75 per hour.

ISS must honour its contract with Homerton Hospital and pay its staff the London Living Wage.

The London Living Wage is based on what people need to live on. No-one should be below this level! Catering, portering, domestic and security staff are essential to the safe running of the hospital and should be treated properly and paid a fair rate.

In addition, staff on ISS' standard contract don’t get even get proper sick pay or a higher rate for weekend working like their colleagues who transferred from the former company.

Our demands:

We believe these staff are essential to the functioning of our hospital and NHS, and that:

· ISS must honour its contract with Homerton Hospital by paying a minimum of the London Living Wage (LLW) to all staff, increasing it every November in line with the increase in the LLW, and backdating increases to November 2017 when staff wages first fell behind the LLW

· ISS should also implement the NHS pay rise which many outsourced staff have received this year, including ISS staff in Liverpool Royal Infirmary and Liverpool Broadgreen Hospitals

· The LLW and NHS rates are the absolute minimum ISS should be paying its staff; shift enhancements and unsocial hours payments are on top of the basic hourly rate, not included in it

· We understand that ISS has also agreed improved terms and conditions for staff at BEIS, including improved sick pay and annual leave. We call for staff on ISS contracts to have the same terms and conditions as staff on former Medirest contracts, including getting proper sick pay and annual leave entitlements

· The best value for the Homerton Hospital, and the best conditions for staff, would be for the contract to be brought back in house


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