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It's not all sweetness and light

It's not all sweetness and light

Public Health England: Denounce and campaign against moves by the European food safety authority (Efsa) to allow food companies to market their products as healthier if they replace 30% of the glucose in their products with fructose.

Why is this important?

Recommendations and evidence from institutions such as the British Heart Foundation and the European Heart Network, along with a host of international specialists, strongly links fructose to obesity and cardiovascular disease. Even when compared to other refined sugars, fructose appears to be the most harmful option, and it is baffling as to why the Efsa would pass this narrow and short sighted ruling

The BHF described this decision as having no public health benefit, so why should the public be misled by food manufacturers into thinking they are eating a healthier product. Most worrying is that this will surely, and most disproportionately affect foods marketed at children, fuelling our obesity epidemic.


Reasons for signing

  • We want somewhat less (total)sugar in food. & more drinks with a total sugar content, specifically between 3% & 5% (but also between 5% & 7% to get used to less sugar in sugary drinks [semi-sugary?]) (there are at the moment huge variety between 9% & 17% that lead to overweight, & a few at 0 or 0.2%) [in food, up to 5% is not too bad] [over 20%, is really, the sugary foods that, in significant quantity, will lead to overweight].
  • Sugar is a powerful stimulant, toxin & primary cause of Diabetes - increased regulation is needed?


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